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Quickshrink – "Layflat" Semi-Rigid Sleeving

Quickshrink – "Layflat" Semi-Rigid Sleeving

Quickshrink sleevings are very thin walled typically 0.1mm (100 microns) with a hard finish and this is reflected in the low price.

Ordering Code

Please order by quoting layflat width, wall thickness and colour.

Example: for a layflat of 57mm and wall thickness of 0.15mm – Quickshrink 57 x 0.15 white

Sleeving Applications

The very fast shrinkdown coupled with its thin wall has made Quickshrink ideal for its main uses:

Sleeving Properties

In many applications it is often necessary to use a Quickshrink with narrow diameter. These are difficult to open because the sleeving is rigid. Hayward have resolved this problem with its unique Boxing process. The sleeving is supplied cut to length as specified by the customer and also opened into a four-sided Box shape to provide easy covering.

operating temperatures -20°C to 85°C
tensile strength 45MPa
dielectric strength 13kV/mm
shrink temperature 100°C to 130°C
radial shrinkage up to 50%

Sleeving Sizes

By convention, Quickshrink is specified by its Layflat Width unlike Polyshrink and Rayshrink (the flexible sleevings) which are sold by diameter.

Layflat width
- smallest layflat width in stock is 6.5mm to cover a diameter of about 4mm
- largest layflat width in stock is 200mm to cover a diameter of about 125mm

Wall thickness
Quickshrink can be made with wall thicknesses from 0.05mm wall (50 micron) to 0.3mm wall (300 micron). These are available ex-stock in particular combinations of layflat and colour.

Sleeving Colour Range

We have stocks of several opaque colours including red, yellow, green, blue, white, grey and black. There are also stocks of transparent colours. The colours are at various Layflat widths which meet many current market needs. Special colour/size variations can be made. Clear Quickshrink has very high transparency.

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