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Hayward Plastics Ltd

Hayward Plastics is a supplier of heatshrink sleeving and other heat shrinkable plastic products. We can supply a range of industry standard and specialist products including the following:

Polyshrink – Tough, Flexible PVC Sleeving ... used to cover busbars, rollers, hoses and to protect ropes & fittings in sports equipment.

Rayshrink – Flexible crosslinked Polyolefin heat shrink sleeving ... used for switchgear and cable assemblies. Available in a wide range of shrink ratios and specialist product types.

Quickshrink – Semi-rigid thin walled PVC sleeving ... used for battery packaging, tamper-proofing, cosmetic finishing of poles, identification of hoses and more.

Flexibraid – Braided polyester monofilament expandable sleeving ... used for cable bundles for maximum flexibility.


Heat shrink sleevings are a fast and efficient means of providing a protective or decorative cover and are widely used in the electrical, electronic, mechanical and leisure industries.

When heated, the sleeving will shrink over the component to give insulation, abrasion resistance, identification or decoration.


In March 2018 Hayward Plastics stock & assets were acquired by Heatshrink Solutions Ltd. who continue to operate the business as a going concern, but also offer a wider range of products & services from their facilities in Devon.


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heatshrink sleeve to protect tools
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