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Heatshrink Finishing Processes – Cutting & Printing Services

Boxed heatshrink for ease of application


If heatshrink pieces of consistent length are required, we can offer a cutting service to provide you with your chosen material already cut into pieces.

We can offer this service on any material up to 130mm in width, and can offer a turnaround of only 1-2 days on sizes from 3mm up to 380mm long. Longer lengths can also be arranged on a slightly longer lead time.

Boxing with cutting

Quickshrink is a semi-rigid sleeving supplied in layflat form. The smaller diameter sizes are stiff which makes them difficult to open before covering.

To overcome this, we have developed the unique "Boxing" process. When the sleeving is cut to length it is also "boxed" which opens the sleeving into a square section. The square section is easy to put over the component prior to shrinking.


Quickshrink is an ideal material for the bands used in tamper-proof sealing. The bands require a perforated tear-strip for subsequent removal. We can process the sleeve to incorporate twin vertical perforations.


Heat shrink sleeving can often do two jobs in one application. The sleeving provides a protective cover but can also carry information when it is printed. The sleeving can be used for advertising or instructions:

Using a ‘Hot Foil’ stamping system, your logo or text can be stamped in a variety of colours on a wide range of our materials. We can also use an alcohol-resistant ribbon to help prevent the image being rubbed off in areas where alcohol based cleaning products are used, e.g. hospitals.

Each design used requires the making a copper or brass die, for which a small charge is made.

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