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Heatshrink Applications

Flexibraid – braided monofilament expandable sleeving

They say "everyone has a new idea for shrink sleeving". Certainly, heat shrink sleeves have a very wide range of applications and most people will see some new use - practical or impractical.

The ease of use is the initial attraction. Simply place the shrink sleeve over the component, apply heat and watch the tube as it shrinks and encapsulates. In addition, heat shrink sleevings have the well known advantages associated with plastics materials - good insulation and chemical resistance, toughness and flexibility and excellent colourability.


Electrical Insulation

An important example of the use of heat shrink sleeving for electrical protection is the insulation of busbars in switchgear. Sleevings are supplied in the phase colours and a wide range of diameters is available to fit various copper bar sizes. Smaller diameter heat shrinks are used to cover solder joints and connectors in circuitry and battery leads. Also electronic components are encapsulated with shrink sleeves.

Mechanical Protection

Conveyor belt rollers can be covered with heat shrink sleeving for protection and sound deadening. Hoses have shrink sleeve outer layer for protection against abrasion and for easier cleaning. The thin walled heat shrinks are used for point of sales protection against handling.

Motor bikes are protected against theft with high quality chains which are themselves covered with transparent shrink sleeve to prevent damaging the bikes. This is protection against the protecting chain.

Environmental protection

Components in aggressive environments can be protected using heat shrink sleevings. In these circumstances the dual walled sleevings are used. These have an adhesive internal layer which melts during shrinkdown to form a seal between the component and shrink sleeve.

Tamper proofing

The thin walled sleevings can be cut to bands and used for tamper proof covering of packaged foods and technical components.


Heat shrink sleevings can be custom printed and used as labels to provide product information. Also, the colour range of heat shrink sleevings provides a practical and easy method of colour coding.

Product labelling is of increasing importance to meet Safety Regulations. Printed shrink sleeves are used for covering hoses that meet CE requirements or they can form ferrules on ropes that meet safe working loads. Electronic components are covered with Layflat sleeving printed with performance data.

Planned maintenance is facilitated when using colour coded equipment. Colour changes can be used for product differentiation.

As a product presentation technique a printed shrink sleeve can be used to label and identify a component or manufacturer. A company name in the right place extends advertising.

Clear sleevings are valuable as coverings when labels, secure webbing or similar items need inspection particularly in safety equipment.

In all these applications, heat shrink sleevings perform two functions at the same time. The sleeving provides protection and the print imparts information.


The colour range of shrink sleeves, particularly the thin walled layflat sleevings provides a quick method of decoration.

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