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Flexibraid – braided monofilament expandable sleeving

Flexibraid – braided monofilament expandable sleeving

Flexibraid is a braided monofilament with very high flexibility which will easily deform without permanent distortion.

Unlike heat shrink sleevings, Flexibraid is supplied in the unexpanded state. Its diameter is enlarged very quickly by the simple mechanical action of pushing from one end. This allows the component to be introduced and then held securely when the pressure is released.

Sleeving Applications

Flexibraids uses exploit the combination of protection against abrasion and retention of flexibility.

Sleeving Properties

In many applications it is often necessary to use a Quickshrink with narrow diameter. These are difficult to open because the sleeving is rigid. Hayward have resolved this problem with its unique Boxing process. The sleeving is supplied cut to length as specified by the customer and also opened into a four-sided Box shape to provide easy covering.

operating temperatures -50°C to 150°C
abrasion resistance very high
flexibility very high

Sleeving Sizes

Ordering Code Layflat / mm Bundle diameter that can be covered / mm
HPP4 6 4 - 7
HPP5 7 5 - 9
HPP10 13 10 - 17
HPP15 17 13 - 22
HPP20 20 15 - 25
HPP25 25 25 - 38
HPP40 40 38 - 50
HPP50 60 50 - 80

Sleeving Colour Range

Available in black or grey.

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File Downloads

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